Personal to me

A huge trend this year is personalisation with badges, pins, slogans and embroidery. It’s coming through on all clothing from tops, jackets, jeans and accessories. The personalisation trend has come from designers such as Fendi with their bag charms andchangeable bag straps, Anya Hindmarch with her sticker collection and the likes of Louis Vuitton and Mulberry offering for free to emboss your initials onto items purchased from their stores.

Retailers have followed suit by offering faux poms and other charms for bags, iron on badges and pins. Earlier this year Topshop had a pop up store where you could get your name or a slogan embroided onto the back of your bomber jacket. Instead of getting your bomber personalised retailers are selling them already with badges and slogans on them. Zara are championing this with a wide range of bombers with these details.

embroided bombers zara


Stickers, badges and pins are an easy way to personalise any item you already have that you want to update. Designers such as Anya Hindmarch are charging £45 for one sticker ! However you can get several stickers, badges and pins for a fraction of the price on the high street.

Here are some of the best pins and badges you can purchase from the high street including ASOS, Skinny Dip, Stradivarius and Topshop;

If your looking for an item you want to update with these I think the denim jacket is the perfect item ! I have been saying for a few months that I am going to personalise one of my denim jackets with badges, of course I am thinking of going for a mermaid theme and I have been searching for some appropriate badges on Ebay. My inspiration for this definitely has to be the badge mermaid range from Ragged Priest. The mermaid denim jacket is the jacket of my dreams ❤ It’s over sized, an authentic denim colour and has has girlie pink sequinned mermaid inspired badges and a flamingo ! Ragged Priest have also created matching mom jeans and a cool double shell boob placement pink mermaid tee.

ragged priest mermaid

If you don’t have the time or the patience to create your own personalised items of clothing retailers such as Topshop and Zara. It’s an easy way to get the trend but it will cost you a bit more than if you was do it yourself.


However if you do want to have a go at creating your own personalised items and want more unique badges and pins Ebay and Etsy are the best places to look.If you need some inspiration take a look at  some of these designers Ragged Priest, Anya Hindmarch, Stella MCcartney,  Discount Universe, Christopher Kane and Au Jour Le Jour. One thing to keep in mind is make it fun and make it be a representation of YOU!

Elyse xo


My talented friends

Does anyone do their own hair and makeup for a night anymore? I know I certainly don’t !

I’ve never been the best at hair. The majority of the time you will either see me with normal straight hair or wavy from having my hair in plaits over night ( the mermaid hair). However if you see me on a special night out or off for a nice meal my hair will most likely be in the style of a big curly blow dry otherwise known as the Hollywood blow dry. And this is all thanks to my talented friend Paige. Paige always makes my hair look voluminous and beautiful every time I go out ! However this weekend I did opt for a different style as I always go the same bouncy blow dry. Instead I decided to go for a pretty up do which is very unlike me, I hardly ever have my hair up so I was out of my comfort zone with this hair style. We decided to go for a loose plait that went across the front of my head and for the rest of the hair Paige curled this and pinned it up into a low side bun. And the end result was gorgeous ! This style of hair was something I would love to have for my wedding hair after having this. Paige is so versatile and creative with her hair styles and is always trying out the newest hair trends. She is amazing at hair up styles perfect for nights out, wedding guests and Brides. She is also exceptional at big curly blow dries, big volume and big curls. Paige also provides cuts and colours. If you want to look special then Paige is your hairdresser.

Make sure you visit Paige’s instagram page Hairbypaige_xx



As with hair I am also not the best at make up. Although over the past year or so I have started to get better. I have begun to buy the correct make up for my skin tone and face (pale as) and I am starting to learn how to use them properly. There are more make up tutorials than ever and everyone wants to share what makeup they use and the best way to apply it. The make up market is growing massively and it is not stopping with people paying hundred of pounds to look good and paying people on a weekly basis to make them look perfect for that special occasion. I now find that going to get my makeup done is part of my routine for getting ready for a night out, in addition to getting my hair done. Luckily for me I don’t go out that much so the cost to me isn’t huge however there are a lot of girls who go out on a weekly basis and are prepared to pay this money to ensure they look the best !!

My makeup is done by talented friend Polly. She has only been doing this for a year now and has done amazingly well ! If you want your make up done with Polly you have to book months in advance. She wakes up at the crack of dawn and doesn’t finish till late at night. Polly has a real passion for makeup and you can see this from her wide make up collection, it is HUGE. Not only is she amazing at making girls look gorgeous for a night out she also does lots of weddings, festivals and even fancy dress. Her looks she did for Halloween were out of this world and so professional.

Make sure you check out her instagram page makeupbypolly1

Both Paige and Polly have done amazing and even better they have teamed up together! You can now go to one place and have your hair and make up done, saving you a hell of a lot of time and effort trying to find two talented people to fit you in at two separate places. They are both perfectionists and will not let you leave them unless you are over the moon with your look.

So if you’re local to the Essex area get booked in with these hugely talented girls if you want to be the Belle of the ball, or just look really hot in Sheesh.

Instagram; Hairbypaige_xx     Facebook; Hair By Paige

Instagram; Makeupbypolly1    Facebook; Kiss & Makeup – Essex Make-Up

Dress is Miss Selfridge

Elyse xo

How to wear Ivy Park ?

…on a day to day basis.

Today I am styling up the Ivy Park white mesh logo tee. This tee resembles a short sleeve version of our all time favourite sports tee we like to wear over sized or just steal from our boyfriends, the basketball tee. However it is much more subtle than your average basketball tee, with only outlines of the Ivy Park Logo on the front, fine mesh material and elasticated rib used long the V neckline. The side splits also makes the tee feel more feminine.

Ivy Park Tee £35, Pretty Lavish Bomber £42

I have teamed this tee with a nude rose coloured satin bomber jacket from Pretty Lavish UK. Pretty Lavish UK is a fairly new online retailer that sells GORGEOUS feminine and glamorous women’s clothes and accessories. They are super stylish, ultra girlie and really on trend. You can tell that the clothes on the site are inspired by the catwalks and are up to speed with fashion. I love the unusual colour of the bomber jacket and the satin look is going to be huge across all clothing. You can already find this in Zara on slip dresses, joggers and cami tops. Follow the link below to purchase this bomber jacket or you can also find them on ASOS marketplace.


As always I have put a pair of blue jeans with this outfit, you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans. To keep the laid back look of the basket ball tee the jeans I have styled this with are low rise, straight leg, bleach wash and have multiple rips. I have rolled up the cuffs to add more detail and to give you a better look of my shoes of course.

Miss Selfridge Jeans

And what shoes would go perfectly with this out ?! Yes my white leather reebok classics, with their nude lining they tie in the outfit together and they are a great mix of pretty and feminie but still keeping the sport and relaxed trend. My favourite pair of trainers !


If you want to keep this outfit clean and sporty then you can opt for no jacket. The white trainers and tee really stand out on their own and complement the bleach ripped jeans.

DSC01381    DSC01385     DSC01384  DSC01380

DSC01376     DSC01368

Elyse xo

How to wear Ivy Park ?

… on a Saturday night.

In this post I will be styling up the iconic Ivy Park logo body suit Beyonce shines in in the campaign shoot. I have created the perfect cool laid back look for a Saturday night out but still kept in mind the active more casual look of the Ivy Park range.


I have styled the body suit with a pair of blue ripped knee skinny ankle grazer Jamie jeans from Topshop. Being fitted and skinny the jeans will show off the body suit more and will look much more flattering than any pair of jeans.


Layered over the body is a black embroided soft bomber jacket with pewter zip details. Teaming the body suit with a bomber jacket continues the active wear theme and trend. The crew neckline, cuffed wrists and relaxed shape give a cool relaxed vibe to the outfit.


Last but not least you can’t go out on a Saturday night without a pair of heels. I have paired with this outfit black faux suede flared heel peep toe sandals from Miss Selfridge, simple, on trend and comfortable ! The curved peep toe doesn’t show too many toes and shapes the foot and the flared heel is a new MUST HAVE trend that is coming through this Spring Summer and will continue into Autumn Winter 16.



The body suit will also look stunning in the Summer with a pair of denim hot pants. I will not be surprised if we see girls wearing this on it’s own by the pool as a substitute to a swim suit in Ibizia or Marbella or even raving at the festivals with her biker boots.

Material suitable for active wear has been used for this style, with the stretch and stability of this style I could definitely do some lunges and yoga poses in this without revealing too much. If your looking for a body suit that accentuates your curves and holds you in all the right places this is the one for you.

Elyse xo

How to wear the Ivy Park range ?

The Ivy Park range is mostly for the gym however there are pieces within the range that can be worn on a day to day basis so I am going to show you how you can style these items with what you already have in your wardrobe. Today I will be styling the pale pink logo sweat top.

Pink logo sweat top £28

As it is such a femine colour I wanted to keep this aspect when putting this outfit together but still keep is looking sporty and active. So I have teamed this my Zara embroided light wash jeans, the embroidery is of a rose pink flower at the bottom back pocket. Love and Always is embroided on the back of the ankles, it is so subtle and cute but really makes a statement. The rose pink colour goes well with the pale pink in the sweat top. My reebok classics set this outfit off with the nude lining and white leather outer pulling the whole outfit together and giving it the active feel.


DSC01241        DSC01243      DSC01248                                                    DSC01250


It’s finally here and we didn’t expect anything less from Queen B !

The Beyonce co founded collection Ivy Park has finally hit stores and is currently being stocked in Topshop, JD sports, Selfridges, Netaporter and Nordstorm to name a few. The collection has been long awaited and kept us in anticipation.

I was kept in more anticipation this morning when the site continuously crashed for 2 hours. After waking up at 5.50am to get my buys and having no luck online I decided to go down to my local store in Essex to see what I could get my hands on. Surprisingly I was the only person who stood outside the store for an hour waiting for them to open … The store didn’t have every single item but it was enough for my credit card to be in pain. And of course the clothes looked AMAZING, lots of items perfect for activewear but that could also be worn on a day to day basis, I wouldn’t be worried about wearing some of these items to the office. Even better I could go straight from the office to the gym in the same outfit, time and money saver !

So what did I buy ? Of course I bought the iconic bodysuit that Beyonce adorns in the campaign shoot. This would also look great as a swimsuit, as long as you don’t actually get into the water. I think the bodysuit is the piece that fashionistas and those who want a bit of Beyonce will be paying way over double the price for on Ebay. It will look great with skinny jeans now and denim shorts when Summer decides to turn up. The material is comfortable, substantial and most important figure hugging !

Bodysuit £30, Sliders £20

An easy to wear item from the collection that I purchased is the Ivy Park sliders. Perfect for your holiday and are a great alternative to flip flops, plus they look really cool. They are a bargain at £20.

The mesh logo tee isn’t a style I would usually go for as it’s more of a boyish style. However once I tried it on I fell in love with it. It is over sized but the length of the body and sleeves are still attractive looking and still make me feel feminine. I felt like I should have been at an American basket ball game cheering on the New York Knicks !

White mesh logo tee £35

I was ecstatic when I saw that there was pale pink in the range, one of my favourite colours. Being a red head with pale skin you wouldn’t usually expect this colour to suit someone like me but I LOVE it. The sweat shirt is perfect for the in between weather right now too and is has a super soft feel on the inside. I can’t wait to snuggle up in this and my baggy jeans on a lazy Sunday.

Pink Logo Sweat Top £28

So I know this is meant to be an activewear range but I don’t actually plan to wear any of the above items when I’m being active, they are more for fashion purposes. Although I did decide to purchase some clothing from this range for the gym. I bought the full length logo leggings and drop armhole logo tank, both in black of course. Thick enough material is used on the leggings to keep my much needed thighs, lower stomach and love handles held in while still feeling soft and without suffocating me. Breathable light weight fabric makes the tank top ideal for sweating that naughty treat out you had in the office earlier. You might even catch me wearing this outfit just lounging around the house its so cosy.

The activewear aspect of the range is very clever and practical. There are seams to create contouring around your bum and thighs and extra details have been added to make your active life a bit easier. Holes have been put into jackets to thread your headphones through and hidden zip pockets have been put onto trousers so you can keep your phone with you at all times.


To round up this blog post the Ivy Park range is AMAZE, I wasn’t expecting it to be this good quality and this fashionable. But I never had any reason to doubt Queen B and Topshop. Fabrics are luxurious, price points make the product accessible for all consumers and it is simple yet still stylish. Lets see what other retailers and celebrities follow in Beyonce’s foot steps.

Elyse xo


Slogan Tees


Slogan T shirts are back on trend !

Who doesn’t love a T shirt, jean and trainer combo ?!

With the novelty trend coming back in force slogan tees are being sold by every retailer. And what a better way to express our feelings then putting it on our top ?

One retailer in particular who is certainly never in short supply is Zara. Zara cover a variety of themes across their slogan tees; words of wisdom, numbers, celebrity names, feminism and anything shopping related. Zara keep it clean and simple with grey,black, white and monochrome stripes and an easy t shirt shape making slogan tees a Zara staple. I LOVE the holographic font they have used on the “be open to whatever comes next.” slogan tee, a trend that is already emerging across shoes and accessories.

zara slogan tees.jpg

Another retailer with distinct humorous slogan tees is fashion brand In Love With Fashion who are now being sold in Topshop, so they must be doing something right. Their slogans are tongue in cheek, relate-able and include our favourite movie quote from Mean Girls. Most of the tees come with a roll cuff sleeve a baggy body while other styles are much more sleek and fitted. The baggy roll cuff sleeves tee will look amazing with relaxed excessively ripped boyfriend jeans whilst the fitted styles will look perfect with skinny ankle grazers. I’ve selected a few of my favourites below for you to see, I love the novelty themed “I DONUT care” tee.

in love with fashion slogan tees.jpg

The designers are getting in on the action too. Wildfox are the front runners with their feminine girl related quotes that are sure to make you giggle, I think we can all relate to the slogans on their tees. Another girlie yet quirky designer is a newbie to England, Local Heroes, their styles are fun flirty and fierce ! Or you can keep it simple and stylish with monochrome styles from Givenchy and Moshino.

designer slogan tees.jpg

One of my newest additions is the “i believe in mermaids” t shirt from online retailer Boohoo which I had to purchase from ASOS as Boohoo were sold out, there must be lots of other mermaid fans out there. This is also sold for Boohoo’s plus size range, link below.


Another of my favourite slogan tees is the classic Unicorn “This world sucks so I made my own” tee from London Designer Hannah Beth Fincham who makes BEAUTIFUL bespoke and unique leather jackets, denim jackets, sweat tops and tees. They are on trend, feminine and all designed by the woman herself, amazing right ?


Plus if your a Disney fan you will love her styles as Hannah is definitely inspired by Disney including Minnie and Mickey mouse, all the Disney Princesses and even our favourite dogs Lady and the Tramp !


Elyse xo



The Mermaid


As you can guess I like Mermaids, in fact I am a wannabe Mermaid. I have the red hair that I make wavy from overnight plaits and I have the non existent thigh gap that makes my legs look like a mermaid tail. The only problems is I can’t hold my breathe under water longer than 10 seconds.
I am also a lover of fashion, beauty, all things girlie and pugs !
I am in my early 20’s and work as an Assistant Buyer for Miss Selfridge, Arcadia.
I wanted to make a blog to keep my creative flair going as I am currently off work for a month. I’m not missing the rush hour London commute that I have to endure 5 days a week but I am missing being surrounded by the newest trendy clothing and accessories and my amazingly cool dressed colleagues.
So if you like fashion, pastels, faux fur and pugs hopefully you will like my blog, happy reading !
P.S I have a pug called Nev who will most likely be in the background of my pictures